The Band

LabGraal is one of the Italian Keltic rock groups that has earned a prominent place in the international music scene, and is comprised by five musicians often engaged in actions of international solidarity in the struggle for animal rights and initiatives for Peace. The commitment of the band towards indigenous peoples has led to collaborations with the United Nations for the preservation of Natives’ traditions and sacred lands.

LabGraal was founded by Rosalba Nattero, one of the most powerful and purest voices of the Celtic music scene. Rosalba Nattero together with Giancarlo Barbadoro, flutist and poet of the group, has undertaken a path of musical research that has led her to the traditions of the tribal peoples of the world, with focus on the ancient cultures of northern Europe. Her encounter with Luca Colarelli (bagpipe and guitar), Andrea Lesmo (bouzouki and keyboards) and Gianluca Roggero (drums) is crucial for the formation of the band, remaining in its original formation throughout its activity.

As frequent guest of the Fest Noz in Carnac, the famous Celtic festivals of Brittany, LabGraal manages to bring together more than 5,000 people from all over Europe in this occasion.

The group already has eight albums and a single to show for its activity. In addition to the collection of Irish, Scottish and Breton music, revised according to the personal style that characterizes the group, meeting with native musicians from different continents has played a key role in the creation of albums that merge Celtic music with tribal sounds.
The Australian tour, which visited the main cities of the continent, gave rise to "Dreaming", album which was recorded in the prestigious Studio 52 in Melbourne with Native Australian musician Jida Gulpilil. The CD is dedicated to the struggle of Aboriginal Wamba Wamba people to obtain the remains of their ancestors.
The album Mother Africa was the result of a collaboration with Native African musicians and is dedicated to the Bassa People of Cameroon for the defence of their sacred site Ngog Lituba. Both Mother Africa and Dreaming that were sponsored by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
The single "Mother Earth People", in which Celtic music meets Native American sounds, was produced with the Native American musician Daniel Zapata.

In Britain, LabGraal premiered the French version of its film "Shan, the Ancient Heart of Natural Peoples", directed by Stefano Milla and released in Italy in 2007. The main actors of the film are the five musicians of the band, who also provide for the film’s soundtrack. Given its content, Shan also gained the encouragement of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, and was presented to the UN in New York, whilst also remaining three full months in Italy’s 30 most popular films before exported to foreign markets.

LabGraal opened the Winter Olympic Games of Turin in 2006, where the band played in Turin’s Medals Plaza from atop the largest stage ever set up in Europe wining over an audience of 9,000. Also opened the concerts of the Universiade of Turin in 2007 with great success.
LabGraal’s activity also ventures into theatre: the group has produced two musicals / plays that have won great acclaim and were "sold out" at the box offices of the Teatro Piccolo Regio and the Teatro Nuovo in Turin. The group is currently working on a new theatre project together with international artists.

At the centre of the group’s attention is the promotion of its latest album "Native", produced by Carlo U. Rossi, which follows the tune of a more tribal form of Keltic rock. This last milestone of the band is LabGraal’s most intense and exciting accomplishment to date. A return to its musical roots after the African and Australian contaminations of the previous two albums.